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Co-Owner / Streamer / Content Creator

Ejecty started Kryptik Gaming in conjunction with Faeded. With an experience in several CCGs and a profession as a writer Ejecty can help to explain the ideas of deck building and play to the Mythgard community.

He can be found streaming on


Co-Owner / Streamer / Content Creator / Caster

Faeded started Kryptik Gaming in conjunction with Ejecty. Faeded has a plethora of experience in multiple games. He enjoys the teamwork aspects in a lot of multiplayer games, which is what brought him into the 2v2 scene of Mythgard.

He can be found streaming at


Project Manager

Riss joined KG as a project manager to help manage the website and other materials. With artistic skills to help with twitch and a decent mind for Mythgard herself she brings a lot to the team.


Content Creator / Tournament Organizer

erobert has been playing card games for as long as they have been around. A highly qualified writer and CCG expert allows for erobert to seamlessly weave content that can help both new players and veterans alike.


Streamer / Content Creator

A veteran player of CCGs since MTG, where he most recently found success in TESL and has now moved on to Mythgard. He brings experience and knowledge to the team.

He can be found streaming on


Content Creator

Merlin is a veteran of CCGs starting with MTG and having experience with such games as L5R and GoT LCG. A fantastic deck-builder and a huge presence in the 2v2 scene he brings a lot to the table.


Special Projects

nalka has experience with many CCGs but what makes him special is his insane 2v2 ability and his desire to test and find all the interactions present in Mythgard. His work on his Inconsistencies spreadsheet is invaluable as are his contributions to the 2v2 community.


Streamer / Content Creator

Rune has always loved card games and over the years, he has played Lord of the rings CCG, Star Wars LCG and Star Wars Destiny competitively. When Rune isn’t playing Mythgard, he is busy serving as a pastor and spending time with his wife, his three year old daughter and his husky. Rune currently has an unhealthy infatuation with Fires of Creation. And he is still upset that kite got nerfed.

He can be found streaming on


Streamer / Content Creator

Madoka loves one thing, hitting people in the face. If a deck can be aggro Madoka has a knack for finding that lethal. Once a Hearthstone player he decided to leave due to recent controversial actions by Blizzard (involving the banning of a Blitzchung) and has made Mythgard his new home!

He can be found streaming on


Streamer / Content Creator

I'm Tempest a 33 year old from Croatia. I finished the faculty of economics and countless whiskey bottles. I enjoy long walks on the beach, world peace, drinking and gaming also lying about liking long walks on the beach and world peace...

He can be found streaming on


Street Team / Advertising

Myth is new on the CCG scene, having only played card games for about 3-4 years, but got hooked by Mythgard. With a great social presence and ability to make contacts Myth acts as our street team to get people redirected to KG's content.


Contet Creator / Tournament Organizer

Tritros has played a lot of CCGS, his main goal is to shine a light on his silly decks and give people a reason to play things that arent strictly meta, he's doing this by organizing different varieties of tournaments and writing great articles!


Content Creator

Circle is relatively new to CCGs, but what he lacks in experience, he makes up for in pure obsession. Once an Eternal player, Circle has since turned to chess, poker, and of course, Mythgard. He loves learning from others and experimenting with deck-building. His primary goal is to create fun content for players with all levels of experience to the game.


Content Creator

BadAim brings diverse experience in a wide range of CCG's to the KG team, from TESL, Gwent, CUE Cards, LoR and more! With a background in archaeology, BadAim also offers a unique perspectice to the historical inspirations that shaped the world of Mythgard!



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