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KG's Favorite Expansion Decks

Kryptik Gaming had a lot of members in Q-Mode helping out the Rhinos. I reached out to each of them to get their favorite decks!

Mono Purple: A Circadia Story

Hello, Diskisan here coming after a short hiatus from Mythgard to guest write for KG about my favorite color. I will be discussing Purple!

Carnival of Crows: A Stubborn Tengu Deck

Hello everyone, Tritros once again coming with a spicy deck article. Today’s deck will feature my favorite card in the game, Stubborn Tengu.

Heroes Never Die

Like other decks that buff a single minion, wasting multiple cards on one guy is not the best game plan however because Hoarding Hero...

FoC Loop: Fires of Ouroboros

Ejecty here to tell you all about the world of Fires of Creation (FoC) Loop, or I have so elegantly named my deck: Fires of Ouroboros.

Fires of Creation: The Power Within

Deckbuilding in Mythgard, as I have suggested elsewhere, is no different from any other card game as it rewards focus and synergy, following

BY Rainbow Control: Singing Serpents

Hello, Laezar here as guest writer to talk about the list I made champion with, Singing Serpents. You can find the deck list on Mythgard...

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