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Gitting Gud: Learning to Understand a Loss

Noah here to teach you about how to learn from losing. One of the most frustrating parts about playing games is losing. Nobody likes it.

2v2 Guide

Hey everyone, erobert here with a look at the mechanics and strategies of 2v2! The game mode itself is a raucous and chaotic shootout!

Player Agency in Mythgard

Today we'll be discussing a term that is used often in game design and is really shown off well in Mythgard. Player Agency.

Advanced Lane Mechanics in Mythgard

One of Mythgard's most distinguishing features is its usage of lanes. This lane system leads to a very large number of nuanced decisions...

Navigating Turn 1 Minion Placement

One of the more interesting aspects of Mythgard is the use of Lanes. A frequent question I've seen come up from newer players...

Fires of Creation: The Power Within

Deckbuilding in Mythgard, as I have suggested elsewhere, is no different from any other card game as it rewards focus and synergy, following

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