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The Omen of the Rings (SPOILER!)

Our ringed Mythics all have a clear thread binding them in a subtype which portends their cosmic significance and the invocation of Omen...

Dearly Beloved Enchantments (SPOILER!)

The system of Lanes not only facilitates a dynamic and engaging surface on which to the play the game, like pressure points on a Chess board

2v2 Guide

Hey everyone, erobert here with a look at the mechanics and strategies of 2v2! The game mode itself is a raucous and chaotic shootout!

A New Style of Play the Pauper Way

Anyone who has been following in game and on the discord will recognize Mythgard’s Pauper as a descendant of a format with the same name.

Enter the Whitemoon: Episode 3

Erobert here with an arena run under the new patch. Forcing Blue last time was already a romp now let's try Green.

Fires of Creation: The Power Within

Deckbuilding in Mythgard, as I have suggested elsewhere, is no different from any other card game as it rewards focus and synergy, following

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