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KG's Favorite Expansion Decks

Kryptik Gaming had a lot of members in Q-Mode helping out the Rhinos. I reached out to each of them to get their favorite decks!

The Omen of the Rings (SPOILER!)

Our ringed Mythics all have a clear thread binding them in a subtype which portends their cosmic significance and the invocation of Omen...

Dearly Beloved Enchantments (SPOILER!)

The system of Lanes not only facilitates a dynamic and engaging surface on which to the play the game, like pressure points on a Chess board

For Orange

To all whom it concerns, my name is Mr. Orange, and this is my story.

Gitting Gud: Learning to Understand a Loss

Noah here to teach you about how to learn from losing. One of the most frustrating parts about playing games is losing. Nobody likes it.

My Favorite Rarely Seen Cards

CircleVIII here with my first article writing for KG, I thought it would be a fun idea to share my favorite rarely-seen cards in Mythgard!

A New Style of Play the Pauper Way

Anyone who has been following in game and on the discord will recognize Mythgard’s Pauper as a descendant of a format with the same name.

Kryptik Gaming Puzzle Contest

Hey everyone, Ejecty here! Kryptik Gaming recently hosted a Puzzle Contest and we had a lot of great submissions.

Meager Proxy

“I used to be rich like you then I took a nerf to the knee,” ex-Lavish Proxy 2020.

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You can send us a message - - with your article idea!

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