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Cards You Can't Go Wrong Crafting

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Mythgard has one of the most generous free-to-play economies of any digital card game on the market. From the abundance of coins earned by simply playing the game, daily quests that award free coins, to faction quests that grant Wild Cards from Common all the way up to Mythic, it is fairly easy for players to build up a decent collection quite quickly. However, if you're a new player, or even an intermediate one, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the possibilities that Mythgard has to offer; so here's a list of the top twelve cards you can't go wrong with crafting!


Kara Mourningwives

There's a reason she's one of the faces of Mythgard, and it ain't because she is charming! Arguably the strongest four drop in the game, Kara is a card that any blue deck wants to play. Growing in size for every minion your opponent plays means that setting up early lethals is entirely within the realm of possibilities should you give her Overrun, Frenzy, or just simply kill/bounce the blocker in front of her. This Valkyrie is no joke and demands an answer... or else!

Magnus Thorsson

With possibly the most sarcastic voice line in the game, you definitely want this hero on your side! All jokes aside, Magnus is a card that serves as a Thunderclap with a 4/4 body for only 1 additional mana cost. The only downside to playing him is that unlike Thunderclap, his full-board damaging ability doesn't affect your opponent's life total, too. This card outright kills low-health minions when played and will give you good trades against the ones that it doesn't while acting as a threat in and of itself... Brilliant!


Twin Junah and Twin Blanque

I've included these agents of the sun and moon together as they are essentially the same (very powerful) card. At 6 mana YYY these twins come down as a 9/9 stat total which is more punch for their cost than any other card that exists in the game (okay Boneyard Abomination, calm down). To top it off, while on the board together they are given Overrun and Regen 3! The only downside to these absolute bombs is that the additional twin is an ephemeral 0 cost token which means that it is susceptible to bounces (where it will be banished) and Temptation (where it will attack you and then be banished). If left unanswered, though, Blanque and Junah are apt to take over a game completely.

Sapo, The Devourer

Nobody ever told this Cipactli not to shop while hungry! (well, he probably ate them if they did...) Sapo is a very powerful card in that it acts as hard removal with a big body that grows in size from every minion killed by its ability. On top of that, this demon is also Warded which prevents it from being slain in the same way it kills its prey. This card is extravagant when used to full effect and belongs in any non-aggro deck that is heavily investing in yellow.


The Oak of Dodona

With decent stats for its price as a 4 mana RR 4/3, and an ability that can act as a finisher, life-saver, card draw and all around good value, this vampiric tree is a good choice for any red deck. It performs well in aggressive decks as well as it does in midrange and control. While not a “bomb” in the typical sense for card games, The Oak of Dodona is just so solid and versatile that you cannot go wrong by crafting it and playing it in your decks today!

Seven Ring of Ritual

Be careful around the Circus Diavolos; their rituals can be... fatal. If you have done the math, Seven Ring Ritual is a 7 mana RR spell that, at full potential, can be played as 7 minions with 21 points of strength and 7 points of health in total value! Played alone, this card can end games if your opponent doesn't have an answer. Played with a Dashing Ringmaster, however, and this card can end games before your opponent even has time to react! Need I say any more about why you should craft this carny spell?


Traitorous Murmur

At 6 mana GGG, this spell allows you to steal a minion from your opponent... permanently! Now, this effect does come with a disclaimer in that if your opponent bounces the stolen minion, as long as it is not ephemeral it will return back to their hand, but otherwise this card can be quite hard to answer and is capable of creating tempo swings so massive that it wins games on its own. Ever wanted to own your own Sapo without running yellow? Perfect Grade, but no Harmony? I heard you like Armageddon Angel, but aren't down with Parsa... Well then craft yourself a Traitorous Murmur today!

Chort Stag

Do you like big minions with Overrun? How about boneyard recursion? Did you say damage clamp? For 7 mana GGG, all of this can be yours and more! This demonic deer is great because even without the rampaging big body and damage clamp, its ability to bring any minion from your boneyard back to your hand assures you at least some value when played. If it just so happens to be one of the other minions on this list, lucky you!


Scion of Pride

Forget what I've said about every other card and do yourself a favor by crafting this astonishing angel! While a 4/4 with Overrun for 4 mana O seems just about average, where this scion takes pride is in its outstanding ability. Not only is it completely immune to damage from spirits (that means from effects like immolation cloak and vulcan brand too!) but it has an Awaken ability that grants you a 1 mana O spell that allows you to morph any minion into a spirit lion. This spell is extremely valuable because it can used on an enemy minion to change it into a spirit as well as on one of your own minions to negate enemy effects... or just simply to push more damage!

Armageddon Angel

Did Sapo, the Devourer tickle your fancy? Well hopefully you didn't go and craft it before getting to this point, because this angel of death kicks it up a few notches! For the same cost as Sapo, (minus the fact that it's orange) Armageddon Angel kills every unit on the board! As a 7/7 that loses health for every enemy minion killed this way, but gaining strength for every friendly minion killed, she isn't exactly growing in the same way that Sapo does... But acting as hard removal for the entire board and (usually) becoming a giant threat is something that absolutely cannot be ignored!


Celestial Dragon

I think most people like dragons, but absolutely everyone loves an overstatted dragon with Agile and Warded! Rivaling Twin Junah and Blanque in sheer power for its price, this minion comes with the upside that it isn't cut into an ephemeral “other half.” Its downside is that if your opponent manages to kill it, they will be given an item that will allow one of their own minions to become Immortal. Played on turn 6, this minion is already clearly a beast for your opponents to reckon with. Played on turn 4 using an Imperative Bell, however, and you will assuredly be putting them quickly to rest with the ol' proverbial dirt nap.

Perfect Grade

As far as 8 cost minions go in Mythgard, you can't get much better than Perfect Grade. While it's no Living Mountain in terms of pure stats, the beauty of this construct is that it is able to get immediate value after being played. At a bare minimum, this card is able to dish out 6 damage to one minion. At maximum, it can deal 6 damage to three minions, or 2 damage to three minions and 4 damage to an additional minion. For only 3 more mana and 1 extra gem cost, its ability essentially acts as twice the power of Magmataur's (with flexibility!). On top of all of this, the card can also fully heal itself and has Armor 2. Do you need any more convincing!?

Final Thoughts & Honorable Mentions

Though this list has been comprised of the some of Mythgard's best Mythic cards, the true core of a deck is in its Commons, Uncommons and Rares. You do not need a deck full of Mythics in order to find victories, though a few certainly do help! There are many powerful Mythics within the game; these have just been the most overall cohesive cards for an abundance of different strategies. I hope I have aided you in finding a powerful card or two to craft and play in your decks. Let us know what you think and how these cards are working out for you over at the Mythgard Discord. Happy deck building and good luck in all your Mythgard related adventures!

If that list wasn't enough to get you started, here are some honorable mentions that could have easily fit in:

Bragi Runesinger

Junkyard Valhalla

Zolea The Unclean


Stairway To Hades

Fated Firebird


Bela, Witch Queen

Kushiel The Unforgiving

To Heaven and Back

Jin-Sook Dollmaster