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Meager Proxy

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

“I used to be rich like you then I took a nerf to the knee,” ex-Lavish Proxy 2020.

He sits dissonant on his chair with an empty gaze and a small drink, trying... just trying to wash his sorrows away. He has given up on himself. Should we do the same? This is the story of the once-known Lavish Proxy.

The Mechanics

The mechanics of the Lavish Proxy card are simple. Prevent all damage that would kill you. So, in essence, this is an anti-aggro mechanic. But where exactly is this mechanic used? If you say in fighting aggro that means you are just being Koi! Let us break down the match ups with more detail on the actual meta aggro decks.

NOTE: Mythgard differs somewhat from other card games, there may be variance and difference in classifying decks into categories. Most of them are hybrids by some l0gick.

SECOND NOTE (Stop with the notes, what are you a note master?): This is a subjective opinion and unlike natural sciences, there is no single factual truth. In short, we need to quote The Dude from The Big Lebowski movie.

“That is like your opinion, man,” The Dude.

The Match Ups

1) Red Blue Rainbow


STEP 1: Hit face!

STEP 2: Look at STEP 1!

STEP 3: Why are you looking at steps and not hitting the face? SMorc

The tool to deal with Lavish Proxy is win the game by turn 6 or Gigantomachia. Turn 6 is slightly early and Gigantomachia is a mythic card or one card out of forty (unless you are one of those players that run over 40 cards, you know who you are). We should note that Lavish is also a one-off and that some of these decks do not run Gigantomachia.

Conclusion: It is very good here. 11.5/10

2) Mono Blue Valkyries

Gameplay: Just valk stuff, beefy minions, laugh at chump blockers, troll your opponent, Kara them into concede, the horn is always lethal.

The tools to deal with Lavish proxy are:

1) Use troll to double trade (without the trade part) - very easy to pull off.

2) Valkyrie enforcer- even easier to pull off.

3) End the game early- realistic as the game usually lasts till turn 6-8

4) Impel and contesting it- if they play Lavish Proxy they are most likely in a hard situation and this is less of an issue. If followed by Armageddon Angel, the board is cleared and both you and your opponent are low on cards. The Valk player can Ingrid, Valhalla or play a minion on a demolition speedway or giant’s stairway into the horn. Still possible to win.

Conclusion: a shoe/10, practically useless

3) RO (Red/Orange)

Let’s keep this short! This is an aggro deck in the disguise of a mid-range and control deck.

Tools to deal with Lavish Proxy=Yes.

Scion of Pride, Seal of Exile, Armageddon Angel, Gigantomachia, Dark Passenger, Extract Life...

Conclusion: Steven Seagal/Acting, aka non-existent / 10


4) Blue-Orange Frenzy Godsblud

Tools to deal with it are to finish the game quickly and Scion of Pride. Seal of Exile is a possibility, but not really since most of these deck archetypes will not run it. This deck wins its matches quickly, and if it does not it already lost the game. Omae wamoshindeiru! This is a case for having a Lavish Proxy or not having it. It is just that type of a deck.

Conclusion: It wins the game, but so does any other deck that deals with early aggression. It is good, but in the vast variants of the game, we will not need it.

5) Orange-Purple

If this deck can even fit in this category! It has loads of options from going to late game with stronger minions, Spirit Away, Dark Passenger, Scion of Pride, getting early and mid-game setup, etc.

Conclusion: Can be impactful to buy time 5/10

6) Various aggro meme decks

Spirit aggro, Red, Blue-Purple, etc.

Not that important to look at these with more detail. Some of them have better options as Extract Life, using impel (purple pentacle shinobi), enforcers, deported’s, Dark Passenger with rush minions... while others have harder time most notably certain Spirt decks. They are also meme decks so having or not having Lavish Proxy isn’t a deal breaker.

In either way, it is not all-powerful. 5/10


Lastly, if we look at other sorts of decks, Lavish Proxy is a 2/9 Regen 2 minion. Compared to the other 5 or 6 drops, not that amazing. Most players would prefer a Blackened Jotun, Volkov Heavy, Zolea, Jin-Sook, Twins, Godsbane Transport, Solomon’s Gale, Kushiel etc. if faced with a control-to-control match-up.

Conclusion: 5/10 at best

Let this rant stop! PLZ!

It is an okay card which will most likely be replaced as soon as we get other good orange mythic’s in future expansions. There are many variants and options; hard to say. There was never a reason to nerf it and I believe we should un-nerf the nerfed nerf. Make Lavish Proxy lavish again!

Article conclusion: rant/10