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My Favorite Rarely Seen Cards

CircleVIII here with my first article writing for KG, I thought it would be a fun idea to share my favorite rarely-seen cards in Mythgard!

Player Agency in Mythgard

Today we'll be discussing a term that is used often in game design and is really shown off well in Mythgard. Player Agency.

Advanced Lane Mechanics in Mythgard

One of Mythgard's most distinguishing features is its usage of lanes. This lane system leads to a very large number of nuanced decisions...

Heroes Never Die

Like other decks that buff a single minion, wasting multiple cards on one guy is not the best game plan however because Hoarding Hero...

A New Style of Play the Pauper Way

Anyone who has been following in game and on the discord will recognize Mythgard’s Pauper as a descendant of a format with the same name.

Navigating Turn 1 Minion Placement

One of the more interesting aspects of Mythgard is the use of Lanes. A frequent question I've seen come up from newer players...

Kryptik Gaming Puzzle Contest

Hey everyone, Ejecty here! Kryptik Gaming recently hosted a Puzzle Contest and we had a lot of great submissions.

The curious myth of Le Caldero de Spellflux

Mothmara turned to face the speaker and recognised the Wendish drake’s commanding appearance. Sablewing Zira did not take kindly to such int

Meager Proxy

“I used to be rich like you then I took a nerf to the knee,” ex-Lavish Proxy 2020.

Enter the Whitemoon: Episode 3

Erobert here with an arena run under the new patch. Forcing Blue last time was already a romp now let's try Green.

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